Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville

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Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville - Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.

With funds made available through the Government of Ontario, Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville created the Community Project Fund to support the first Healthy Kids Community Challenge theme; Run. Jump. Play. Every Day. The Community Project Fund was designed to engage communities across Leeds and Grenville to help create supportive environments for children to be active. This video highlights some of the projects that were offered across Leeds and Grenville and captures the strong sense of community that is foundational to the Healthy Kids Community Challenge.

Community Project Fund Awardees

Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville is pleased to announce the following Community Project Fund recipients. The Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville Community Project Fund is designed to engage communities to help create supportive environments for children to be active. Just over $100,000 in total has been awarded to fifteen recipients across Leeds and Grenville.

With funds made available through the Government of Ontario, Healthy Kids Community Challenge Leeds and Grenville created the Community Project Fund to support the first Healthy Kids Community Challenge theme: Run. Jump. Play. Every Day. Charitable or non-profit organizations / groups were encouraged to submit their ideas for innovative projects that promote physical activity and create supportive environments for children 0-12 years old.

Over the next few months, Healthy Kids Community Challenge Community Project Fund recipients will be hosting Launch Events to generate awareness and enthusiasm for projects. Find out what is happening in your community!

Leeds and Grenville

MAPsack (Movement and Play) Project (Leeds and Grenville Public Libraries)

Public library branches throughout Leeds and Grenville will circulate free nature-themed backpacks filled with resources to encourage children and families to get outside and be active in nature (e.g. trail maps, conservation area passes, gadgets and fun outdoor activities).

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Parents and Tots Play Group (Maitland Education and Recreation Centre)

This project seeks to support and encourage active play in babies and preschoolers in a playgroup setting. Parents will participate with children in active play demonstrating healthy active role modelling for their children. This 8 week program will also provide a networking environment for parents and promote social connectedness.

Launch Event:

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A boy riding a bike
Brock Trail Adventure Club (Kinsmen Club of Brockville/Brockville Trail Committee/Brockville Police Service)

This project provides children (grade 5/6) the opportunity to explore the expanded Brock Trail system through an after school program. Facilitated by the Brockville Police Service, the Brock Trail Adventure Club will run two nights a week, serving a different school each week. Sessions will include an educational component on outdoor and trail safety as well as an opportunity to explore the Brock Trail through a variety of activities such as biking, scavenger hunts, and compass use.

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YMCA After-School Physical Activity Program (YMCA of Brockville and Area)

This project offers a daily 2 hour afterschool physical activity and leadership program for children (4-12 years) at a local Community Hub.

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Cardinal Youth Centre Project

This project provides children (ages 5-12) with free public skating for one year at two local arenas and six 2 hour bowling sessions (including transportation) at a bowling alley in a neighboring jurisdiction.

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Low Cost Baseball (Township of Front-of-Yonge)

This project will expand the current Baseball Program allowing increased physical activity opportunities for children (5-12 years). This project will provide subsidized registration fees, an equipment swap, the purchase of new equipment, the provision of professional training for coaches and umpires and maintenance to the current baseball field site.

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Come Curl With Us (Gananoque Curling Club)

This project will introduce youth (4-12 years) to the game of curling and provide a supportive environment for youth to apply the new skills they acquire through use of a school-owned FloorCurl Kit. This project will also enhance the Gananoque Curling Club “Little Rocks” program with the purchase of a starter toolkit to recognize and award youth curlers.

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Rideau Lakes

Strength and Conditioning After School Program (Lombardy Public School)

This project will offer all students the opportunity to participate in an after-school physical activity program that will introduce a variety of fun and interactive activities designed to strengthen core, and increase flexibility and cardiovascular capacity.

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Spring Swim (Township of Rideau Lakes)

This project offers children between the ages of 4 to 12 living in Rideau Lakes, an opportunity to participate in low-cost Red Cross Swimming Lessons for 8 weeks at the Hub Community Pool in Smiths Falls. Transportation will be offered throughout the Township at a reduced rate.

Project Contact:

Physical Activity Program (Rideau Family of Schools)
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This project will enhance professional development and promote active living opportunities for elementary school students (ages 3-12 years) by engaging specialized fitness and dance troop instructors and by enhancing Quality Daily Physical Activity (QDPA) and recess equipment.

Project Contact:

Leeds and the Thousand Islands

Recreation Lending Library (Leeds and the Thousand Islands Public Library)

This project will enhance and expand the library’s current Recreation Lending Library by providing a supportive environment for children (ages 0-12) and families to engage in outdoor activities.

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Get Outdoors (Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands)

This project will deliver an innovative outdoor educational program that will allow children 4-12 years of age to experience a number of recreational opportunities at Charleston Lake Provincial Park (e.g. hiking, fishing, birding, unstructured play in open fields, etc.).

Project Contact:


Jump Into a Stable Environment (Victory Time Farm Therapeutic Riding)

This project will provide increased opportunities for children of Special Needs families to participate in a Therapeutic Riding and Farm Experience Program (outdoor games and activities).

Launch Event:

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North Grenville

GeocacheNG (Municipality of North Grenville)
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The GeocacheNG project will see the creation of a geocaching resource and equipment loan program, providing individuals, families, schools, clubs and teams with the equipment, training and resources needed to experience geocaching as an innovative physical activity. This project aims to educate the community on the physical benefits of geocaching and to increase participation of all ages, with a key focus on children and their families.

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Prescott-Aquatic Adventures

This project offers a new 4 week low/no-cost introductory spring swimming program for new swimmers (ages 4-12), in partnership with the local swim team. By extending the swimming season, this project will also increase access to the pool for already established swimmers.

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